A Watcher is a servant of an Arwenydd, often placed into situations on the living world to influence happenings of the world or observe happenings in the place of the Arweinydd. The Watcher is often tied directly to the life energies of the Arweinydd. Because of this, it is not unusual for a Watcher to die and be recreated in another form by the Arweinydd at a later date.

A Watcher is not the same as an Arweinydd's Champion. While a Champion is also tied directly into the power of an Arweinydd, a Champion is allowed to harness the Arweinydd's energy and is often greatly empowered by this connection. A Watcher, however, is not usually empowered by the Arweinydd. In fact, often the Watcher is not aware of their connection with the Arweinydd in order to allow them unbiased interaction and observation among the Earthians

Wayrift history records these known Watchers: