Item Information
Item Type Pole Arm (Spear End)
Maker Zeb Ya
Owner Zeb Ya
Special Attributes Darkness, Crystal

Unnamed is a long, spear-tipped pole-arm used by Zeb Ya. The weapon itself is extremely long, and would be difficult to use by most people of normal height as it stands nearly eight and a half feet in length. The length of the weapon is such that it is effective at keeping enemies at bay at long ranges. It is less effective once an foe is in close weapons range. Zeb is not particularly effective at using his own weapon, but has been receiving some weapons training from TsuYaTai.

The weapon was crafted during Zeb's tenure under Zemus, and was made of components from the original Lunar homeworld (Fifth Planet). The shaft is made from an extremely hard, but tough fibrous composite material. The crystal spear tip at the end is made of dual-phase crystal material that can be shaped for particular uses through the use of mind-magery. There are still many mysteries about the weapon, as the exact details of construction still remain somewhat clouded in Zeb's mind, as he was strongly controlled by Zemus at the time the weapon was constructed.