Sam's Tavern & Inn
Place Information
Type Restaurant & Inn
Location City of Baron
Planet Blue Planet
Dimension Darkstar Dimension
Inhabitants The Tu Family

Sam's Tavern and Inn (SAM'S) is a cozy little establishment located in the heart of [[DS Dimension] Baron. It was originally own and run by Sam and his wife Gertrude. The first floor, balcony and part of the roof are used as a restaurant while the upper stories serve as the Inn and housing quarters for the resident owners.

During his time of reformation, Kip worked at SAM'S, first as the dish washer, then later as a cook. Eventually SAM'S was gifted to Kip and Fang as their wedding present, and has become the Tu Family business. Since then, SAM'S has become the local hangout for numerous figments across all dimensions. Birthdays and various holidays are often celebrated here. Because of this, SAM'S often tends to be the focus of attacks when they are made on the DS world Baron.