Mt. Ordeals
Place Information
Location Mysidia
Planet Blue Planet
Dimension Both Dimensions
Inhabitants Spirit of KluYa (sometimes)


Mt. Ordeals is a lone mountain located on the island of Mysidia, far to the east of the city. In the Final Fantasy IV game story, Cecil climbed the mountain and undertook the trial presented by the spirit of his father, KluYa. There he was challenged to defeat the darkness within himself in the form of the Dark Knight. Upon triumphing, Cecil was transformed into a Paladin

Final Fantasy IV - Cecil becomes a Paladin

Final Fantasy IV - Cecil becomes a Paladin

This was also the location of the battle with the Earth Fiend Milon.

Final Fantasy IV - Elemental Fiend of Earth, Milon-Z (Scarmiglione)

Final Fantasy IV - Elemental Fiend of Earth, Milon-Z (Scarmiglione)

At the end of the game, Kain Highwind also traveled to the peak of Mt. Ordeals to face his own inner darkness.

BS DimensionEdit

Also called the Trial Mountain.

DS DimensionEdit

The Crystal Cave at the top of Mt. Ordeals was created upon KluYa's defeat by Zemus on the peak of the mountain. It became a tomb where his body and spirit were sealed until discovered by Cecil during the Crystal War. Unlike Mt. Ordeals of the BS Dimension, the mountain had no previous importance before KluYa's death. The undead that existed during the FFIV game storyline were minions of Milon and are not permanent inhabitants to the mountain.

During the Coming of the Darkstar storyline, Ben goes to Mt. Ordeals to search for his father's spirit. He forces his way into the Crystal Cave and fails the Trial on the Mountain. KluYa's spirit then appears to Ben, Cecil and FuSoYa, offering guidance and encouragement, before vanishing. This is where Ben obtains his father's Lunar Medallion.