Golbez Benjamin Ya
Character Information
Nickname(s) Ben, Spinerat
Author Aywren
Creation March 2, 1993
Debut Introduction, Part 2, Page 14
Race Half Lunar
Origins Mysidia, Darkstar Dimension
Gender Male
Height 6′ 9”
Hair Color White
Eye Color Green
Father KluYa (DS Dimension)
Mother Rowanne Ya
Significant Other Leona Polendina
Children Chase Wescott, Niamh Ya
Occupation Headmaster of Baron Academy
Residence DS Baron
Birthday March 2

Ben is Cecil’s brother, the eldest son of KluYa, and is of Half Lunar, Half Human blood. He was raised peacefully in Mysidia till the age of 12 when he was taken from his family by Zeromus



Ben from Wayrift.

Through years of torture, testing and training, his mind was twisted and manipulated and his natural abilities of the Dark Arts were vastly increased. He eventually became Zeromus‘ ultimate weapon, sent to the Blue Planet to bring war and destruction. During the Crystal Wars, his greatest enemy was his brother, Cecil, who battled his dark powers with the light of the holy Paladin.

Eventually, Zeromus‘ spell over Ben was shattered by the powerful Lunarian Sage, FuSoYa. Freed from the power that once controlled him, Ben took up arms to help destroy Zeromus. Afterwards, he chose to return to his father’s people who slept upon the Red Moon, which then left the Earth’s orbit seeking a new home world.

The Lunarians found this new home, and they settled there peacefully. However, five years later, Ben was forced to return to the Blue Planet to seek out his brother’s help when Joran Suki took his Crystal, Incrytan. Ultimately, this lead to a joining of forces in battle against a new threat to the Blue Planet, the Dark Sygnus Luccious. The death of Joran and the battle with Luccious triggered Ben’s first Sygnus transformation.

Afterward, Ben returned to the Blue Planet where he remains a guardian, watching over the kingdom of Baron. 


Feeling an odd energy signal in the Ways, Ben accidentally rifted himself and Leona Pollendina to a pocket dimension that would later become the Borderlands. Here, he met dimensional travelers from the BS Dimension, including his alternate-world father, Aiden KluYa

During the Wayrift stories, Ben undertook many adventures, faced off with numerous bad guys, and met new friends and lost family members. He and Leona grew close over the passing of many years, and eventually married. They had one child, a daughter named Niamh Ya. After he and Leona married, they moved to a small cottage located outside of the Baron city walls.

Ben also worked to re-establish Baron's magic school, hiring a rather mis-matched staff and acting as the Head Master. He teaches classes regularly, though his methods of instruction are often frowned upon by elitists in Mysidia.


Never having the chance to experience natural adolescence, and having no memory of his childhood, he had little exposure to the basics of Human daily living. First impressions often present him as rather naive, child-like, and absent-minded. Generally, he is a rather shy, yet openly friendly individual, often well-liked for his natural fun-loving disposition.

Due to his submissive manner and emotional sensitivity, Ben tends to be subjugated to the whims and pressures of others. However, he is also known for his quick swings of mood, destructive temper, and fiercely protective dedication to his family and friends. He often uses his middle name “Benjamin” with those who know him well and while traveling, preferring to hide his more infamous identity whenever possible.

Memory Loss

Because of the extreme nature of his past, much of his early life memories have been confined or erased due to Zeromus‘ mindcontrol. When he first returned to the Blue Planet, Ben was not much more emotionally or socially advanced than the boy that was stolen away from his family at the age of 12. While much of his past remains obscured in his mind, even as he gets older, Ben's decided not to uncover these secrets on purpose, unless a memory comes back to him by natural means. 


Like his brother, Cecil, Ben was involved in the initial transformation of Sygnus. He represents the Shadow aspect, and can (somewhat) command the power of Distortion due to his heritage. This is also what gives him strong rifting abilities, strengthens his natural magical skills and allows him to explore temporal magics.

Skills and Abilities

  • Benvsomega

    Ben fighting OMEGA in Wayrift.

    A master of the Infinite Ways. His abilities grow stronger in the world where all dimensions meet.
  • He is naturally in tune with the elements and energies of soul and spirit, and can use this knowledge to craft unique spells often unknown to magic users of the Blue Planet.
  • He has a basic grasp of using Distortion energies.
  • He can enchant objects with magical properties.
  • He has the ability to understand the flow of magic and manipulate spells cast at him. He usually turns the spell back on the original caster. However, the more powerful the spell, the more effort it takes to manipulate it. Larger wide-ranged magic (such as Big Bang or Meteo) cannot be manipulated.
  • He can sometimes learn magics “by ear.”
  • He is immune to most known poisons.
  • He has basic mind mage abilities, though he rarely uses them.

White Magic Weakness

Due to Zeromus' experimentation, while Ben's Shadow abilities were enhanced, this created an unnatural weakness towards Holy magics. While he has the knowledge and ability to cast magic, doing so makes him ill and weak. White magic causes pain when it's cast upon him -- though the White magic will heal him despite the pain.

Interesting Facts

  • Ben was the first and oldest true figment created in the DS Dimension.
  • He carries the sword, Onyx Darkblade, which was forged by KluYa , and given to Ben by FuSoYa. The sword is crafted of pure Soulfire, at extreme polarities to Ben’s dark gifts. Onyx loves to be noticed, often burning with a deep green light and humming when drawn for battle.
  • Ben always wears a lunar medallion, which was crafted by KluYa. Strangely, it depicts the new Lunar Homeworld, complete with four orbiting moons.

Original (Very Old) Concept Art

Early Wayrift Art