The Baronian Royal Gardens are multiple planted fields adjacent to the Baronian Fortress Castle. In these gardens, both flora native to the area and from around the world are tended for the pleasure of the people of Baron. Constructed ponds, waterfalls, small lawns, and sitting areas are also scattered within the grounds. They appear to exist in both dimensions, though the composition is different in either.

BS Dimension GardensEdit

In the BS Dimension, these gardens were established three generations prior to the rule of King Cecil and Rosa. During the Crystal War, the gardens were neglected and left in disrepair, but have in recent years been rehabilitated by the efforts of Queen Rosa, and her mother, Lady Farrell of Baron. King Cecil also enjoys jogging and walking through the gardens, particularly when he is in deep thought. Located in the garden are many sculptures depicting Baronian history, with many of the new installations depicting the "official" history of the Crystal War. The Monument to the Fallen Heroes is also located here, where sculpted likenesses of King Baron, Tellah, and Anna are stored.