Aislin Tu
Character Information
Author Aywren
Creation January 1, 2011
Race Lunar/Human
Origins Baron, DS Dimension
Gender Female
Hair Color Deep gray
Eye Color Green
Father Kip Tu
Mother Shikon Fang
Residence SAM's in DS Baron
Birthday January 1

The youngest child and only girl in the Tu Family. The daughter of Kip Tu and ShiKon Fang, she has three older brothers: NaTu, Omakyn and Sam.

She's still fairly young at this point. More will be written when she gets a little older. :)

Skills and Abilities

Possible Crystal Master abilities. :)

Interesting Facts

  • She shares a birthday with Sis, having been born within the hour on the same day.
  • It took the authors two weeks to find a name for her. Eventually, she was named in honor of the character "Aisling" from the movie Secret of Kells.